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  • Marina Orlando

How to (politely) end it.

How do you end a relationship or what could have been a relationship in a polite way? That's a question many people ask themselves when they notice that things no longer click with their partner or date. There is no easy answer to this question, because every situation is different and each person has his or her own feelings and needs. But there are some general tips that can help you make the breakup as respectful and painless as possible.

First, be honest and clear about your intentions. It's not fair to keep someone on a leash when you know you don't see a future with them. If in doubt, talk about it with your partner or date and try to come to a decision together. But if you're sure you want to quit, say it as soon as possible and without giving false hope.

Second, choose an appropriate time and place to break up. It's usually better to do it in person, unless you feel unsafe or the distance is too great. Avoid public places where your partner or date may feel watched or humiliated, as well as too intimate places where you can send mixed signals. Choose a neutral and quiet place where you can talk undisturbed.

Third, be respectful and empathetic in your message. Explain why you want to stop, but without blaming or hurting the other person. Acknowledge the positive aspects of your relationship or date, but also emphasize that you are no longer on the same wavelength or that you have different expectations. Try to understand and comfort the other person, but stick to your point of view.

Fourth, consider the stage of your relationship or date. The longer and more intensely you have been together, the harder it will be to break up. In that case, it may be necessary to give more time and space to the other person to process the news. But if you have only dated briefly or superficially, it may be enough to send a short and friendly message.

Here are some examples of messages you can give at different stages of dating:

- After one date: "Hey, I enjoyed meeting you, but I didn't really feel a click between us. I wish you every success in your search for love."

- After a few dates: "Hi, I enjoyed our time together, but I guess we don't really fit together. I want to be honest with you and myself and that's why I want to stop dating. I hope you find someone who suits you better."

- After a few months: "Hi, I want to talk to you about something important. I'm grateful for the time we've had together, but I've noticed lately that I don't have the same feelings as before, which is why I want to stop our dates."



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