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True Mingo Where true love starts


Research turns out that few things are as predictive of long-term satisfaction in a relationship as having deeply compatible values, such as family, friends, structure, intimacy, honesty, freedom, stability, creativity, and so on. That's why True Mingo developed our unique value test, to help you find your most and least important personal values. With this result we can match you with potential partners, who also found their personal values.

Only real potential matches, who share sufficient values, will show up in your matching list. It gives you a clear understanding why you have been matched to these potential partners and gives you the opportunity to have a conversation about what truly matters to you both. 


True Mingo is a relationship platform that uses advanced algorithms and a unique personality test to match you with people who are truly compatible with you. So, what are you waiting for? Join True Mingo by downloading the app. 

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